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I had a dream, which I posted yesterday that included me encountering a herd of bison. In the dream, I assumed they were coming for me, because they were headed toward me - so naturally, I was confused and afraid. But they kept going past me, a small herd of smaller Bison. One of them was large and one did have a horn. But when they past and I went to a neighbor's house, a couple of the smaller ones came to the door of my neighbor's house looking for me? When they opened the door and let them in the rushed right past me as if I wasn't there.

Any insight will be helpful.

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Do you ever feel like you're being overlooked?
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Wow, just today I was studying the Hebrew word reh-ame'...the meaning is unknown but is translated as "wild ox" or "unicorn" depending on the translation.

I'm getting 2 different things...

--Maybe you feel you have no strength left.
--Maybe you're seeing other people being given gifts and are waiting for your turn.
--Or maybe it's're just tired of seeing everybody else get stuff and you're tired, no strength left to wait!

Some of the scriptures like Num 23:22 and Num 24:8 associate strength with the wild ox/unicorn.

Psalm 92:10 says, "You have exalted my horn like the horn of the unicorn (or wild ox), I shall be anointed with fresh oil."

So I'm thinking a new anointing is coming for you...either a gift from the Lord or a renewal of your strength.

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Elle, yes, I have felt overlooked from time to time.

Warrior Princess, your words are right on time! I was a little concerned to see buffalo in my dreams. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that it was Bison, because when I Googled a pix of buffalos they really scared me; not to mention it wasn't what I saw. The tricky thing was when the bison didn't attack me, yet came to the house as if they were looking for me.

You are right on target; it's all of what you said. But it is so encouraging to know that a refreshing and a new anointing is coming my way.

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I was interested inthis because of a good friend of mine that drives all night every night for her job (papers and paper bundles in 3 counties)

Anyway, while out GOd often "shows her" a lot. & One prominent time she saw what looked like bison type creatures, only they had long long legs, making them very very tall------ but they were all around her.
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