Daughter Kidnapped

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Daughter Kidnapped

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In this dream my "daughter" who was kidnapped was both my oldest at one point and my youngest at one point, might be both.

In a large country/lodge house. Cynthia came to visit, then got in the car with my daughter (oldest), waiting for me. I was looking for some shoes. Finally, they left without me and I thought she was kidnapped. I thought of trying to call her but her (youngest's) phone was in the backseat. It rang or there was a message to or from Sarah her best friend. Then Cynthia is chatting me on the computer and I'm freaking out trying to get her to tell me where she took her, etc. It sounds like my daughter because she said, "Mom, I married a very wealthy young man." and she sent pictures of her at what looked like some place in the city, like the zoo or something. At one point, I end up talking to Cynthia on the phone and she sounds really drunk, I'm trying to get her to tell me what she's done with my daughter. I figured she must have sold her into human trafficking or something. She says, "You didn't even care enough to buy her a pair of boots!"

So then I am driving, and I go to this restaurant type place/club for older couples and in the window I see a dream I'm trying to interpret. There's a guy who looks like one of the older contestants who was eliminated from X-Factor, LeRoy Bell (60 yrs old, from Washington State). I'm telling him this dream I had and a woman interrupts and starts poking him or me and is telling a part of her dream. She leaves the room and then we're walking out and he says something about being welcome there anytime or something. I was about to call the cops about my daughter but then I get a message on some device on my wrist that says she's been found.

I go back home and I think I'm on the phone or something and my daughter tells me my other daughter is home. She had gone upstairs, I went to her and hugged her and asked her if she was ok and if anyone hurt her and she said that she hadn't been physically hurt by him.
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