the secret apartment

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the secret apartment

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Alot of times I use my dreams for ideas for my book that I'm writing. I had this dream this morning and I was going to use it for my book. But I'm going to post the dream.

In this dream I am entering a white house and a walkway went alongside this house and as I closed the door I noticed I had not closed it all the way. Not sure what the doorknob was made of...whether it was bronze or gold. As I shut the door I saw a guard walking along the walkway...he did not see me or the door but I was afraid he might hear the door lock. After the door was locked I knew that the little apartment type place was completely hidden from everyone. I stood on a rug in front of the sofa and I was aware of someone in the room with me. They were standing behind the couch at the corner to my left(but if one was to sit on the couch it would be on the right)I think they might have been standing on a rug also...not sure.At first I was afraid but I walked past the person and went to the balcony and looked out...I wanted to be where there was light coming in. Now other people are in the house and it is as if they belonged there. under our place was a bar where older men with sun beaten skin and beards..stubble...where they would drink. They were cowboys who had the dust clinging to them from a hard days work.(in my dream I just view their heads and I don't see their bodies(they have bodies its just I did not see that part) Water was kinda scarce and the only time to really shower was at 5:00 in the morning. I saw one girl get into the shower because it was 5:00 and her shower was ice cold...she was still clothed in a red dress when she took her shower and I could see her with her face lifted up to the water and her hands were stroking her face and hair as the water streamed over her.

This house had the main house ...then my secret apartment and the bar below us....If this was to be built it would have to be built on a big hill because the bar was not aware that this house was built on top of it....and of course the walkway that went along side my place had grass along the it was built on solid ground..