purple leather shoes

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purple leather shoes

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i was living in this house ...i don't know where my room mates were, but i was aware i had some ... i was wearing i had purple leather shoes ..i saw a bunch of kids playing ...i stopped to watch, and then i joined in ...i remember different kind of balls and gliders too

i saw an open field …there was a ditch filled with very clear water …i saw a baby was drowning …i told parent …he grabbed baby out ...then baby choked up white goo

parent threw baby violently ...then i could not find my shoes …i finally found them ...i was doing laundry ..my mom said her bill is too high because of doing my laundry ...a friend warned me to not say anything back ...but i got angry and said “i have not even asked you for 25 cents in 25 years ...so my mom wanted to turn off the water and power

i saw blood on the floor ...i avoided stepping in it ...i shut off the water and power ...some really big mean black guys took over the house i was living in ...so i fled