On a Houseboat

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On a Houseboat

Post by jdarby2007 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 7:05 pm

Hello All:

Had this dream and would appreciate any insight or interpretation.

Not sure where I was in the beginning, but a friend of mine who is a judge IRL was in this dream and he was on a bicycle riding and I was walking behind him because I was going to his house, then he began to pedal really fast and I had to run to keep up with him.

We arrived to his house and it was a houseboat and I saw my girlfriend IRL there, but my judge friend disappeared from the dream. So I went inside the houseboat and I saw what appeared to be a clump of something white on the hardwood floor, it looked like a scoop of Crisco lard and I could see where it was melting, but the melted part was clear, so I told my girlfriend let me make sure this is not grease, so I stepped on the melted part and it was not grease, but felt like water. I remember looking around the houseboat and how beautifully decorated and clean it was.

Not sure what this means, your help is appreciated! God bless you!


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Re: On a Houseboat

Post by bjcollin » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:38 pm


Sorry I missed this dream this past weekend, we were traveling Fri-Sat and then preaching on Sunday so it was a hectic weekend. I did not want to see this dream fall through the cracks.

My first impressions on the dream are that I feel that the simplistic message in the first part of the dream is to not be judgmental. In the second part of the dream, a houseboat is an interesting symbol to me as it is a house that floats on the water, so to me this is somebody who is doing good in life and everything seems neat and in order, however what you are seeing you think is a big spot of grease or something that is way out of place in this life, but it ends up just being some water. The only verses that came to mind for this dream are in Matthew 7 about not judging and specks in eyes. Hope this helps you some, and I hope somebody else will have some input on this dream.

in Christ,

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Re: On a Houseboat

Post by hishandmaiden » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:05 pm

Jdarby, here is what I got regarding the dream of your friend in the houseboat:

There appears to be a spiritual issue with the judge. His otherwise clean and well decorated "house" is on a moveable foundation, and has a flaw. At first the flaw appeared to be something that would be hard to clean up, i.e., Crisco, or grease. Which would probably leave a stain in the wood since it is oil based. However, what appeared as something difficult to "clean up", has already started melting.

God is already dealing with it to remove it and making it into something able to be "cleaned up" easily (i.e., water) and wiped away with no residual effects. In the dream he runs away from you, and then disappears, possibly ashamed for you to see the flaw.

I believe that this may be a sensitive subject with this man, and that God is taking care of it, but is letting you know this, not to confront him or say anything to him, but to quietly intercede for him while GOD does the work.