The Cheif

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The Cheif

Post by lynadvs » Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:57 pm

Hi all.
I remember being at work receiving a message saying that the pain has arrived. I then passed the message to my department supervisor. Then I start to think what does it mean “the paint is in”. Then I remembered that we were painting our office and ran out of paint so we had to order matching paint. Then I remember having a vision... it was an Indian chief in full Indian gear. Then I had a second vision it was the same Indian chief, but the headgear that he had on look as if it was some type of European headgear perhaps from the 1700’s. Then I had a third vision it was again the same Indian chief but this time he had on a baseball cap.

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Re: The Cheif

Post by PastorJKG » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:32 am

It sounds like the whole dream is about changing appearances through different seasons.

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Re: The Cheif

Post by lynadvs » Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:00 am

That makes sense. Wow!!


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Re: The Cheif

Post by hishandmaiden » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:06 pm

This is a most interesting dream.

The main person in your dream is an "indian chief" A representative of a symbol of power and authority, a leader of a tribe or nation, i.e. cherokee nation, navajo nation, etc.

Someone that may would seem "unusual" to see in this day and time.
(When's the last time you saw and Indian in full dress walking the streets!)

You see different representations of the same man.

One the chief, One the european dressed, one the baseball hat wearer.

I believe God is speaking to you about our President.

Our "Commander in Chief"
. Who is the symbol of power and authority over our nation. Hence, the Indian Chief representation.

2. Wearing European headgear from 1700's. (the 1700's representing a time long before today; a heritage)

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Wearing a baseball hat A picture of our President wearing a baseball cap.

4. There was not enough paint to change the way the "house" (i.e. White House) looked, so you had to wait until the "paint" (i.e., the method used to change the look of the house came in.)

I believe that it is possible, that on some level, concious or unconcious, you may have had some doubts about the unorthadox ways of the president, (i.e. Indian, foreigner from another country, and someone in a ball, not the "traditional dress of a president) and God is revealing to you that he is the man that He has put in place, and gave you three different views to reveal that to you. Anytime God gives us a revelation on someone, it is because he wants us to pray for that person. We are called, according to the bible to "pray for those in authority" over us, but it seems that he specifically wants YOU to pray for the President.

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