European Castle. Churchill Family. Request to Write.

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European Castle. Churchill Family. Request to Write.

Post by Chrisy489 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:39 pm

I had this dream and seeking any input that my fellow Christians may have. Here is the dream:

I am in one of those huge palatial homes in Europe. It belongs to an aristocratic wealthy European woman. I am standing in the entryway/foyer of her house – it’s huge, high ceiling, etc like those European castles. I can see straight ahead to the room to the back of the house. I see three men picking up/packing boxes. One of the three is in the back room straight ahead packing up the boxes. Two are at my right bending down and are picking up the boxes apparently to take them out. The man who is closer to me on my left is Churchill. I inquired of him as to whether he is from the same Churchill family (the former Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom).

The scene changes. My older sister and I are now at the desk in the woman's office or library whatever. We are waiting on the woman. My sister becomes impatient and wants to leave; so I got up with her to leave; however, the woman returns. She says, “You commoners are so impatient.” She then tells me that she wants me to help her write a play about a man and woman in Paris. The dream ends.

Thank you for your response,

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Re: European Castle. Churchill Family. Request to Write.

Post by bjcollin » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:25 am


Welcome to the Tehillah Dreams board. Good first post, Interesting dream. I was taking my wife out for her birthday this morning to a local French restaurant and she casually mentioned to me that for her 55 bday next year she wants me to repeat and take her to a French restaurant in Paris! So when I saw a couple in Paris in your dream it caught my attention.

In your dream, did you feel one way or the other about the rich woman? Did you get a feeling that she was evil or that she was good or did you have no feelings whatsoever in this dream? Were there any other things in your dream like vibrancy of colors or muted colors or did you feel any presence in the dream?

Maybe somebody else will have some input on your dream. I don't have an interpretation on your dream yet, but what I feel when I read through the dream was that the woman might be evil and she represented some sort of aristocratic stronghold or some sort of thought process that is set up against you. The question I had in the first part of the dream is why are these three men serving her and packing away things to be removed for her? For the Churchill you would think that they would be working for him, but with that man in particular I think it might be a play on words of his name that is important... Church-ill meaning that the Church (3=Trinity) is ill or sick and it is serving and catering to this aristocratic type of spirit. In the second scene of the dream this becomes a direct application to you and is about what you saw in the first scene. This lady spirit seems to give you a snide warning on patience and then asks you to write a play for her.

The Bible says that Patience before the Lord is a virtue that we need to work on (Ref 1 Timothy 6:11, Hebrews 6:12) , but in James 1:2-11 this is expanded on and it is the trials and testing of life that produces patience in us. That patience is being perfected to make us complete and it builds our faith.

Hopefully this will give you a start in order that you can start working out the dream with the Lord (ref Proverbs 25:2). Also, I hope somebody else will get something on this dream and reply. God Bless you, and again welcome to the board.

in Christ,

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Re: European Castle. Churchill Family. Request to Write.

Post by Chrisy489 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:37 am


Thank you for the welcome and your input on the dream. It is greatly appreciated. The Paris connection in my dream with your wife's request is quite interesting. You asked if I felt one way or the other about the aristocratic woman and the answer is "no". I was neutral. There were no good or bad feelings about her or any of the events in the dream. There are two points of special interest in my dream:
1) I connected the Churchill man to the PM Winston Churchill family.
2) I was not impatient, my older sister was and I followed her lead.

Thank you so very much for the scriptures about the importance of patience in our walk with the Lord. You have me thinking... given the fact that I was not impatient yet I follow my sister's lead/decision to leave says a lot about me and I think that it is a warning from the Lord. The wealthy woman was unaware of what had transpired and assumed that both my sister and I became impatient and decided not to wait on her - but I didn't. I just followed my sister's lead. I used to be impatient but I have gone through some testing with the Lord and have learned to wait on Him.

Do you or anyone have an idea what "help her write a play" could mean?

Again, thank you for your warm welcome and your response to my dream.