tear in my skirt arrgh! X?O

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tear in my skirt arrgh! X?O

Post by kingnme » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:17 pm

this dream is going by my sketchy memory

so i was in this clothing store that is owned by foreign people

in the dream they had a policy that once you purchase if you dont like it you CANNOT get your money BACK

(they DO exist IRL. so it causes you to look-n-look-n-look so as NOT to choose frivolously for clothes ...i hate that :x )

i noticed my daughter had on something really cute and i was searching for something a little similar if not the same ...

so while going thru the little circular for an outfit thats like hers i kept noting her outfit

....i wud choose something..... pull it out ....it wasnt suitable ...put it back ...

all while worrying about picking something that i CANNOT take back for a refund

couple more minutes of this : choose it /its not right/put it back

one last time....and out comes this crimson red 33-35 in long skirt just BEAUTIFUL !! nothing like her outfit ...yet i was WELL pleased!

the skirt had this BOHO type style design...matter of fact it was my IRL style of choice......oh! i just HAD to try it on

in the dressing room trying it on

...i peered a little close .....in the front of the skirt IT HAD a TEAR along the seam cuz it had horizontal seams all around it

i examined it ...YEP! it had about a 1in rip that WAS already there and i saw my STARCH white slip underneath ....

:oops: i wasss soo MAD becuz it took all that time and i thot there ISNT another one LIKE THIS .....!?!! .....what am i going to do???

because i was happy that i found something thats suits me .i got it ANYWAY but it was such a moment of acquiesce

i wore the skirt with that rip in my mind

SAME DREAM another scene where i was praying over ALL the men in the church when we were done praying

they all lined up ...me and another person who was a sunday skool teacher like me ...

she and i stood at the threshold of the womens bathroom while ALL of the men came between me and her and ran into the bathroom

( IRL there are TWO doors so they were able to carry on to the other door and move on thru to the church from another way)

what was even weirder as they were all passing by.... i was i SMACKING EACH MAN on the shoulder ONE BY ONE

as they all passed thru between me and SS teacher Sis Edna like some type of 'Attah boy !!! you GO AHEAD!! confirming" smack on the shoulder

this was RIGHT AFTER praying for them

.....aaaa i dont get it ......... :roll:
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