Looking for a house

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Looking for a house

Post by lynadvs » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:46 am

I dreamed that i walked in the front door of a house that I used to live in. I remember thinking"I thought another family bought this house and moved in". I looked down at the carpet and realized that it was the same carpet that was in the house when i lived there (In real lift Ihad lived there for approximately 16 years). I knew it was the same carpet because there were 2 stains on the carpet from when my kids had made spills....i began to wonder why havn't the land Lord changed the carpet and why would they try to sell the house without changing the carpet.
I walked toward the kitchen and the landlord came up from the basement...I remember thinking to myself " I know he is not working".
I walked out the back door and to my suprise, actor Chadwick Boseman was standing in the driveway waiting for me.
He siad to me "I text you thee houses"
I said to him "awww, you are so sweet" and gave him a kiss. I explained to I used to live in this house and that we can scratch it from the list.
We proceeded to go look at the other two houses. As we walked up the driveway i began to tell him about Darrell my former neighbor (who has passed on in real life - he was alive in the dream).
We were walking up the street and then began to run. We were not running away from anything..we were running as to hurry up to get to our next destination.
We came across mini mansion and decided to go look at it. We approached the door peeking inside heard a choir singing. The singing came from the inside of the mansion. We then realized that they were having choir rehursal and decided that we would come back later.

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