boyfriend rules for dating daughter DUDE wasnt happy

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boyfriend rules for dating daughter DUDE wasnt happy

Post by kingnme » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:54 am

okay soooo dreaming

my daughter had a guy ( she knows him already) he wants to be more than friends AGAIN

IRL we did not approve of "Addy" he was an atheist....

he looks more mature than last dream of him years ago

so im am telling "Addy" in the dream

okay you want to date my daughter??

you cant do this ...and this.... and this.... ( i will reveal in a minute......)

the kid LOST it.......

he literally convulsed for 10 minutes

he COULD NOT handle these restrictions (kinda makes you wonder....what did you have in mind to take this sooooo hard hmmmm??)

"Addy" rolled around....huffed ...puffed ...growled slammed himself around for minutes on minutes ...

like the kid in the bible who threw himself around just minus the fire and water

it was exhausting he threw himself all over tables groveling around

like picture a young guy ...arms down at his sides and throwing himself around :roll: making horrible sounds angered he manages to stop a minute to go and tell my hubby--- her dad... this restrictions

my attitude ?? about "Addy" running to tell HER DAD!!!...hey!! good !!!...go 'head tell him what i said nooooo problemmm!!!

LO AND BEHOLD!!! hubby chastises me RIGHT in front of the little brat!! :shock:

but to no avail the kid still wasnt satisfied :roll:

he convulsed ...YES! convulsed over & over and again and again toward his DECEASED AUNT...(?) as he tells her what the restrictions where.... ......

i am watching him the whole time in awe

lo and BEHOLD........SHE JUMPS UP on her chair.... slings her arms completely backwards

throws a tantrum and berating me yelling and screaming at me???? ( i know his aunt very well she passed away)

i walk over to them aunt and the young man....HE IS STILL convulsing over this matter.....sooo much soo

i looked at him and this CARAMEL BROWN COLOR SUBSTANCE LEAKS OUT OF HIS SIDE............................



but this was the rule

you cant kiss

you cant hold hands

you cant hug toooo long

you cant stay on the phone after 10pm

(they are NOT teens...they are older)


its for the young couple to make sound judgment on the relationship; to keep sober

okay background my daughter just got out of a relationship with another young man"eVAN" whom she felt was really nice (we did too)

IRL ...we applied these rules to lasted 8 months he sed he was okay with all of this but his family was ANGRY

said that ...they felt we were treating their son like he is some sorta play boy or thug or something

when its totally opposite...we did that for the both of them to remain happy ...and trust me happiness lasts when holiness abounds

well after 8 months dissipated

but anyway ... FOR SOME reason i APPLIED the same rules in the dream for "Addy" he started convulsing...

and he took it sooo hard ..... like he was going to DiE!!!
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