New House?

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New House?

Post by grace_full1 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:40 pm

I was at a store. I had this feeling I worked there. (but wasn't totally sure.) The store had lots of poor people come in.

Next scene, it’s winter time, (I think) not really sure how else to describe it. It’s cold, and wet. I notice my shoes, they are sensible brown shoes with black soles. (Seemed old lady ish to me) I’m walking home. It’s grey, chilly out, I remember feeling damp.

I am walking to the house I was given, (somehow it was given to me by or associated with the store) I walk down hall ways that seem like they are outside, (but they are inside as there is a roof) there are fences covered by melting snow. There are lights strung along the tops of the fences. I turn the lights on in two places.

My house is on a corner (it seems more like an apartment, but I thought of it as a house in my dream) I turn lights on in the “hall” to the left of me and to the right (so kind of like at a right angle, as my place is on the corner of it. I briefly wonder who is paying for the electricity but think they will have to get used to it because it looks warmer and more inviting with the lights on. More welcoming. I also think it will be more welcoming when my kids see it.

I walk into my house,/apartment? It’s chilly inside. I think I am going to need to turn up the heat, and notice that it’s an old radiator style heat that will need to be turned up to get the chill out. I knew I needed furniture. I looked upstairs. ( don’t walk up there) It’s kind of a loft, I can see the railing for the stairs and the railing in front of the bedroom area. There is a hallway area and then sleeping area was carved out of the stone, just big enough to fit a full sized bed for 2 to sleep in.

I remember thinking about my kids and what they would think about it when they see it.
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