haagh! oh em gee the trash!?!

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haagh! oh em gee the trash!?!

Post by kingnme » Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:03 am

HI ALL!! blessings!

in this dream this is what stuck out to me.... its been 5 weeks or so ...so i decided to go ahead and put it on blast...........

im soo analytical i MUST MUST give a visual .... this is all i can get across ...

okay picture a HUUGE BRONZED BASIN it was BUILT IN THE floor

it stretched about 5 feet across reallly smooth bronzed ROUND basin

it had a HOLE in the middle formed upward (it had a short neck if you will) about 12 in tall...

the body of the hole was about 24 in wide ... you cud say it was really almost kinda FLAT

the hole inside stretched about 12-15 in across but it was built IN the floor ...OKAY tab that

BEFORE BASIN SCENE IN THE DREAM (iRl we are also looking for a home)

were looking for a house and the struggle was pricing of the home

got news that the house was WAY CHEAPER down to about 87k

my hubby went running toward the deal but in HIS MIND..........

it wasn't for us to live in .......... it was for him TO SELL back ...IOW a house flipper

:( but we were desperately looking for a home TO LIVE in

but as for ME i was bent down at this basin ....crying...weeping...

NEXT TO THE BASIN there was this BiN full of trash

i was just emptying and emptying this trash pulling it out of the BiN

pushing it down into this chute of this basin

just pulling in and pushing in trash ...like papers and more papers ALLLL sorts of junk ....over and over ...

pulling in and pushing trash ...weeping... pulling in and pushing trash crying... weeping ...crying ...

emptying this BIN FULLLL OF TRASH and pushing it DOWN this basin!!!!!

even in my physical body it was EXHAUSTiNNNG!!

and after soooo long of this crying and weeping emptying out this trash ....

i was stuffing it down until my hand cuddnt push down ANYMORE trash thru the hole of this basin ...

it CUD NOT take ANY MORE TRASH.....are there any interps to this dream? thank you!! :s22:
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