Army base - battle

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Army base - battle

Post by Christian14 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:35 pm

I was on an army base, living there with my daughter along with other women and children. A battle broke out near the base. It was night time. I saw helicopters and planes overhead. The women and children were evacuated from the base by buses. We later returned to the base, I believe the fighting had ceased. The base was in a valley. It was called the "11th Barracks". The next day, it was sunny and "business as usual". I saw a red headed kid, I knew who he was in yhe dream- liked to mouth off and hated anyone from the 11th Barracks. He started to say something and I pushed him up against a wall. I warned him to think about the words coming out of his mouth.
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Re: Army base - battle

Post by PastorJKG » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:59 pm

Battle= the war we are in
Daughter= perhaps your actual daughter but could speak of something you have given birth to spiritually.
Battle ceased= the fighting comes and goes but is cyclical and seasonal for the most part
Valley= the dark places where our faith is really tested
11th barracks= 11th hour of things prophetically
Red head big mouth= sounds like the spirit of Esau who sold his birthright for one bowl of soup. He speaks of the spirit of compromise and worldliness among professing believers. They hate the folks who are sincere and devout.
Sometimes we have to be a little militant with those who are operating in this spirit. Perhaps someone you actually have authority over in real life.

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Re: Army base - battle

Post by Chambers » Sun Apr 05, 2020 4:13 pm

Hello. Just adding to the insightful offering already given.

The kid reminds me of immature Christians that succumb to hate due to their grievances against a certain sect. They can be like terrorists looking to rid the faith of the sect.

Often to me it looks prideful because they often appear to be looking down as if they are better. To me that can look worse because the other sect may just not fully see, if they are "off", so to speak.

The red hair may speak of anger and, or, passion.

Your reaction can be a typical reaction one would have when someone is messing with family and we know they are not coming from a place of love and seeing properly. When we know they are judging from the outside looking in . . .