Dog and vet

Dreams and visions to be interpreted
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Dog and vet

Post by Chambers » Fri May 01, 2020 2:47 pm

So our dog has been diagnosed with an underlying issue since a pup. He is treated with diet and meds when needed.

He' has been to vet a few times this month. I was telling my wife that i used to like this vet office cause they are reasonably priced, but the don't really dig, don't make suggestions, and thinking it may be time to change.

So prayed for our boy and 3 nights ago have this dream.

I was at the vets and lost him for a minute. I open a door to a room to see if he is there and a vet is at a desk, i think reading something. I called his name and he comes out from under vets desk and is restless and licking his face, like his tongue covered his whole face.

I picked him up and told vet to look at him. The vet ignored me. I again said look at him, and he ignored me again like i wasn't there. I noticed he was wearing yellow tinted visors over his eyes. That's it.

So as i was talking to wife about the vet office again thinking he will probably need return trip to vet, it occured to me that the dream may have been indicating that we have been going as "walk-in" and because of that vets mind preoccupied on other things.

2 days later we return. We walked in again due to missing appt. Vet without even a blood test wants to put our boy to sleep.

I had to insist on blood test. Sur enough a couple values way off and after treatment much improvement.

Although i am praying for more years of health for him, i tealize it may be that time. Hoping the Lord will give us more good times.

Would like to know if anyone sees anything i may have missed? Any ideas on the yellow visors, which i do believe represents some type of colored vision?

Thank you.



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Re: Dog and vet

Post by Chambers » Mon May 04, 2020 12:30 am

Our dog's recovery is coming quickly. I was unsure why he kept taking steps back, but believe that it has to do with what the blood test revealed, which i am addressing.

Considering the dream i would not have done another walk in, but there was confusion with appt time so we were seen as walk ins.

I don't want to be proud to say that there may not have been something to consider if need be, but in my heart i thought the decision to put our boy to sleep was a hasty one without doing some further digging.

I would have always been wondering if i made the right choice for him if i didn't listen to that inner witness. From here it's prayers and time.

Wanted to share that part now because a few years ago some doctors wanted me and my siblings to put my mom on hospice.

Our answer was no. Her body just went through a lot and we need to give it time to recover. God has done wonders in her life, a great witness for the Lord.

There are doctors, whether for humans or animals that will try and push you and even intimidate you into making a decision that you have no inner witness with. I dont doubt many are well intended, but if thete is no peace, dont be pushed into it.