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Custom gifts

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In this dream I was at work. I remember saying that I have gifts for Brian and Kevin ( they are the sons of the big boss and also work and manage different departments at the company I work for). The gifts were all silver custom bikes with diamonds in the grooves of the tires that my son made. Kevin was very appreciative of his gift while Brian was not. I remember Brian saying that this wasn’t his kind of thing. The next thing in the dream, I saw Kevin with a wife and two children. Neither are married in real life.

Any thoughts

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Re: Custom gifts

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Sometimes gifts from God are personal in nature and are not gifts that are used in any ministry setting... we generally call those blessings from the Lord. Bikes are 1 person vehicles, i.e. it is the work of the rider that rides alone. Silver is the color/metal that is symbolic with redemption so the riders are redeemed. However, in these silver bikes the gems in the tire grooves were put there by your son. Does your son work at the company as well as you? So in other words it is you and your son (or the Son) who is helping to bless those managers rides. The interesting thing in the dream is one appreciates while the other does not.

We need to remember that just as Joseph blessed his Egyptian task masters with his gifts (Ref Genesis 39:5), and the land of Goshen was blessed while the land of Egypt had plagues (Ref Exodus 8-9), and as a believing spouse redeems/blesses an unbelieving spouse (Ref 1 Cor 7:14)... there is this concept in the Bible that is still in effect today... which is that the work of us the believers in Christ are blessed by the Lord and we are a blessing to our employers whether or not they are believers. God in turn uses these people, whether Godly or ungodly to in turn bless us and keep us supplied with all our needs.

A spouse and children are a blessing from the Lord (Ref Psalm 127:3-5). So I think the message of the dream is that Kevin's appreciation will lead to more personal blessing from the Lord for him. We are not told in the dream what Brian's lack of appreciation leads to for him. However we can infer that if appreciation leads to blessing, then unappreciation does not lead to blessing. (Ref: Genesis 12:3, 27:29, Deut 28)

Hope this helps on the dream.

in Christ,