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If you're here, you're most likely searching for answers. Maybe you have a dream that you can't seem to shake; maybe you have these odd "coincidences" happening that are beginning to make you think that there's something more to them. Whatever the reason, know that you are here for a reason!

Inside of you are wonderful dreams for a beautiful life...exciting talents that you envision yourself using to bring joy to others! Maybe you just love creating and you get so lost in this expression of yourself that you wonder how this could translate to your life's work.

If any of this sounds like you, then I invite you to take a journey with the rest of us here. The One who walks with us is also the One who put those dreams in your heart, those talents in your hands and those coincidences together so that you would be standing here at this very moment. The One I speak of is Jesus. In Him, broken dreams are made new and the things that seem impossible, don't seem as impossible anymore!

We know life on this Earth is not perfect, but if we will invite Him, Jesus will walk with us. He will comfort us when we are tired, give us direction when we are wandering...but more than all of that, He will love us and never give up on us! If you would like to know Him, I ask you to simply say these words with me:

Dear God, I thank you for making me. I know you have a wonderful purpose for my life. I want to know You because my purpose is hidden in You. I ask you Jesus to come into my life. Forgive me of all wrong doing; wash me with Your Blood which makes me new and gives me a fresh start. I'll never be the same again and from this day forward, I'll dream new in You and never look back.
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