Talking to an angel on the phone, in a dream

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Talking to an angel on the phone, in a dream

Post by Manassehs_Warrior »

I'd like to share this dream circa 14 years ago, and then ask a question.

14 years ago, I dreamt the phone rang and i answered it. It was a friendly male voice that I did not recognize. He said Hi and we spoke a little.... I could hear music playing in the background, as if a party were going on but not some wild, raucous affair but something pure and light and good. I also heard laughter in the background.

At that time in my life I was so fearful, anxious and paranoid that I would have automatically assumed that any laughter was being directed at me, that people were laughing at me, making fun of me somehow. But in this dream, I remember NOT thinking that to be the case. I felt it was just that -- laughter -- and some kind of celebration going on, something positive.

ANyway, this male voice spoke with me and he was very friendly and reassuring. He just sounded so "nice" and warm. I cannot recall all that was said but I do remember hearing an equally loving female voice talking to me (phone) too. Then the male voice said, "Everything is going to be alright; you're doing a great job. We all love you."

And then I woke up with the words, "We all love you" just ringing in my ears, and I felt enormously comforted.... just incredibly much so. That feeling of great comfort and peace stayed with me for quite awhile and even 5 YEARS later, the dream was vivid in my memory and a source of comfort to me whenever I would reflect upon it.

I will say that I have had a very difficult life to put it mildly and so this dream was really a badly needed encouragment to me (and I wished I had had it years earlier!).

This dream seemed like more than a dream to me; I really felt like I spoke to an angel on the phone and in the dream but for real.... I was not nearly as versed in things Christian back then as I am today, by far, but I have wondered if my spirit conversed with an angel and received healing and comfort from him?

I also had not had a dream before where someone called me on the phone and I answered. That was a first.

My question is this: There is a Scripture and I dont know where it is but someone asks an angel in the Bible, "Are you friend or foe?" And the angel says, "Neither." I am not sure if the person asking realized he was speaking to an angel. But my gist is, this angel -- which is what I believe I was speaking to on the phone in the dream -- said that they "all loved (me)."

Do angels love us? They minister to us and watch over us, guard and protect us, but do they really have feelings of love toward us? Now of course I would not imagine they have feelings of ill, but I never really thought of angels loving us.

Does anyone have any Spirit-led insights on any of this?

This wasone of the most powerful dreams I ever had in my life, and that is saying something, believe me. It was so, so comforting and that feeling of comfort lasted so, so long. It would be more than 2 more years before I re-dedicated my life to Jesus (and many many many more trials before and after).

God bless,

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Post by WaitingforHim »

hmm...I would think they do...I mean God is Love and all who worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth...The angels are in heaven worshipping Him all the time...You would think then if everything in heaven is good and pure that Angels would be good and pure and would Love too...

I bet we could find some good scripture if we dug a little...

Maybe others will help us out when they read this...
Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
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Post by Meekone »

I believe that Heavenly angels are here to help and assist us.
We can even ask Jesus to asign angels to help in certain situations as we pray.
There are angels that assist in spiritual warfare and encouragement and protection among other things.
Yes they help our lord cary out his plans and purposes.

I think they love us very dearly because we are God's focus.