blue poodle selling dope

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blue poodle selling dope

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i was at truck stop homeless guy got in public shower they did not want him, but i was nice to him ...he was so dirty and they did not want his dirt in shower ...i saw something about 2 nurses a male and female and washers and dryers and talk of biohazard

saw a guy from past '87 from the island, Pat a bass player ...we were in a old 70's caddy we were going door to door selling weed ...then guy from truck stop turned into black guy who was scandalous scary gangsta type, trying to get me to sell his dope i was scared cause i know he might kill me if something went wrong selling dope

walked up to a door Asian gal answered a blue poodle ran out and i was going to sell drugs, instead i held meeting and prayed for people and people touched by Holy Spirit