High Heeled Boots, Pillow, Cobblestone Crosswalk

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High Heeled Boots, Pillow, Cobblestone Crosswalk

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I attended a prophetic outdoor event. There was something I needed to do. An older white man who was in control of this event helped me across the street. He was on my left side and placed his right arm around my neck and shoulder and we rushed across the street.

After the event I went back across the street, where I originally was. I saw my friend Theresa walking with a group of people. I was with a group too, my husband, my two sisters, my mom & dad and two friends from high school – Clyde & Curt (I've been out of highschool 28 yrs). We were walking to an old colony house in Boston. I had on very high heeled boots. I held a pillow in my arms the whole time. I asked Curt where he worked, he said Harbor One (this is a bank irl). He said it was a warehouse he worked in since he was 11 yrs old. I teased him a bit but i'm thinking that's a long time.

We came to a red light and we all crossed the street, walking by cars. The crosswalk was made of cobblestone. I saw a $5 bill & (3) $1 bills on the cobblestone. I bent down with my pillow in hand and picked them up. There was change as well but I didn't have enough time to grab it. I hurried to catch up with the group. I get to the old colony house and it's a tour we are taking. EOD

Your thoughts are appreciate