Add ons to an old friend's house

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Add ons to an old friend's house

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I was walking up the road, past a house I knew well as a child (my best friend's house). The front wall of the house was missing and you could see in to the front room that was mid-build. The frames were up and some sheeting but that was it. I could see these large openings above a ledge that could end up as cupboards or bookshelves. Through a doorway in the middle of the room, I could see through to rooms behind that were also being built.

As I walked further up the road and could see the house from the side, I could see about three new rooms. Inside one of the rooms I could see some pretty white furniture, like a child's room furniture. I believe the walls of this room had been painted pale blue.

At some point, I have realised it's not just a front wall removal, but that there is actually a whole new section being put on the front of the house, in besser brick, those big cement bricks.

As I kept walking, I was turn right back to keep looking at the house. I got to two house past that one and there was a man there, in his carport/driveway area, with his little daughter. He could see me looking back. He starts speaking to me about the house and starts talking to me about it. Turns out, he owns the house and is living two doors up while the house is being renovated.

This guy is setting up a hammock/baby sling and attaching it to a bike. The child looks about 4 maybe. I can see the child in this hammock.

He's very friendly and chatting to me with a smile on his face. I recall at one point, he talks about some male friends coming to visit, and I said something like "oh you could set their beds up in the downstairs room. It's big enough to fit all of them". Then I explain I know the house well because I spent a lot of time there as a child. I then go on to tell him how the dad had added the room on at the back of the house as well as the staircase. And I tell him all the other bits and pieces the father had done to change the house.


That's all I recall. The dream was very vivid. The besser bricks and the cement they put in between, and especially the new extension is what stood out.

My best friend and her family were mormons. When telling the guy about all the renovations the father had done to the house, their food store room didn't factor in at all (mormons have this big store of food in readiness for armageddon) and it's interesting to me that that didn't appear in the dream AT ALL.

When I walk that way, I always look at the house. My friend's family moved out many years ago. The subsequent owners have made adjustments but nothing that look like this dream. I haven't walked that way for a couple of years.