At the President's table with President Reagan

Dreams and visions to be interpreted
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At the President's table with President Reagan

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1/10/20 I dreamed I was with Ronald Reagan and we were at a dinner of some sort. The tables were round and the tablecloths were white. There were other tables with people seated at them, but it was only me at the President’s table. A woman came to me with a cooked fish on a plate. She showed me how to take a fork and squeeze the face of the fish and use the fork to pull the meat down. The fish was colorful and delicious looking. The President spoke to me and said “They’re going to hand out checks now, don’t take one”. I said OK. Next, he said “They’re handing out flowers, you can get them”. Someone threw a couple bunces of colorful flowers our way and I had to fight others to get the flowers but I got them and laid them on our table. I picked them up and saw there was fresh, different colored fruit on the branches of the flowers
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Re: At the President's table with President Reagan

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Ronald, form of the name Reginald= powerful and mighty. President= leader. I believe Reagan represented the Lord or an angelic messenger. The fish speak of evangelism or winning (at least influencing) the lost. The face is symbolic of the heart because what is in the heart is often seen in the expressions of the face.

[Proverbs 27:19 As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.]

You ate the fish= those who serve in the ministry should live of the ministry. Are you a minister, or do you feel the call to the ministry?

Don't take the check= don't allow money to sway your decisions, We do this for eternal rewards.

Flowers= Glory of God at work in our lives producing the fruit of the Spirit.

For your prayerful consideration