The three kings

Dreams and visions to be interpreted
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The three kings

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I had a dream I was running around my house (this house was very big and new I had never been in a house like this in real life but in my dream I knew it was my family house and it was gigantic)in a panic saying “they are coming to kill me they are coming to kill me” but no one in my house (my brothers and sisters) was taking me serious they acted as tho nothing was wrong ignoring me and brushing me off some were even sleeping. Then I yelled “they are coming to kill me, the three kings are coming to kill me they will be here at 8oclock!” (in the dream I was imagining gang members or something coming after me I didn’t even know who the three kings were) and as I continue to panic my family continued to ignore me than I thought to myself “I have to charge my phone and pack and leave” than as I plugged my phone up to the charger and my phone lit up the time read 8:00 and I thought “Omg they’re here” and I ran and grabbed a backpack and some boxing shoes, my boxing gloves 🥊 and some white sneakers. I was out of time and had to go now. I then darted out the window onto the roof, and when I looked up into the sky three stars were falling and somehow I knew these were The Three Kings and as they fell towards the earth many of these creature like beings came from the sky, following behind the three stars. They sat on what appeared to be small chariots of some a line descending from the sky the chariots had wheels on them and each creature had a tiny gold trumpet in their hands blowing them In the direction of my house and the sound was like nothing I ever heard before and I knew the sounds of the trumpets were summoning something like calling something. I assumed fire. The three stars kept falling and I believe they disappeared but the chariots remained blowing their trumpets. I ran back in the house and told my family start praying we can stop the fire if we all come together and pray. But they didn’t believe me and one of my sisters replied “we use to pray” Then I said oh well let’s pray again I called my mom on FaceTime because she wasn’t there and we started praying and I woke up

I googled the three kings and there are actually three stars in the sky named the three kings. (I had no idea.)I did some reading sand it said (they named the three stars after when Jesus was born and the three men came to him worshiping baby Jesus when they laid eyes on him.)
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Re: The three kings

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The three Magi did not intend to kill baby Jesus. much of what can be found on google is of secular and even Antichrist origin. They brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and mire to worship him. I believe this dream as well as the black rose dream are actually from the enemy to cause fear and confusion in your heart. Every vivid dream isn't always from the Lord. I get fear dreams from the enemy all the time. Especially during important seasons of life when courage and discernment need to be at high levels. I believe the present state of the world is the most important season of our lifetimes.