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So my middle son, I would describe as a God loving, God fearing, spiritual warrior has told me about two dreams he has had lately each about a month apart.
Now, the fact that he is even telling me he had a dream makes me think that maybe it’s more than just a dream. He has never told me about a dream before.
And before I tell you I want to tell you that my husband has recently got an email from his company that all employees must be double vaccinated by Dec. 1st or face disciplinary action.

So the first dream was in the beginning of September, Theo said it was a bit blurry but he was sitting at our kitchen table (island) and Demetri and I came in and Demetri told him, “Saskatchewan is going to get really bad soon.” And then he woke up.
Then he told me just a few days ago, beginning of October, he had another dream, the exact same scene except this time Demetri came into the kitchen and told him, “My job is going to be ok.”

Just be clear Demetri is my husband and my sons father.
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Re: Saskatchewan

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Howdy Hiacinth,

Welcome to the Tehillah Dreams board. First off, let me apologize for not approving your account earlier, I have been meeting myself coming and going lately.

Great first post. I feel that Demetri as his father represents Father God in the dream. The first dream seems to be a warning dream, and then the second dream seems to be a comforting dream providing reassurance about something that he is worrying about. ... age-groups

This link provided by your own government to me shows that out of a population of 1.2M people, A 92.6% self recovery rate and only 340 hospitalized in your province. Of course they focus on the negative that 78% of these were unvaxed, and then they also point out that 10-12% of the more serious cases are in fully vaxed or occurred shortly after getting vaxed. (I noticed that they tend to leave this part of the data out on purpose here in USA).

We support a no condemnation and no attacking policy here at Tehillah Dreams. If your vaxed fine, if your unvaxed fine, that is your personal choice and we leave that to your own convictions. The bottom line is no fear is needed for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

in Christ,