Voices and visiting my childhood home.

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Voices and visiting my childhood home.

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I was a passenger in a car, driving along the station road in my old home town. A woman was driving, who it felt like my older sister, Angela. But it wasn't my sister. We were in a people carrier, the kind of carrier that mother's take their kids to school in. I was dark blue.

We were following my dad and a car in front - who is dead IRL - and he was driving an old Audi tt, Mark 1, silver - about 20 years old. We got to the top of St John's Road where we used to live, and we turned into the drive of my old childhood home, number 27. My father was not there at this point. We went round the back of the house, but then went into the house from the front door.

I was conscious that the house had been bought by new people, and they were in the process of restoring it. Inside the house, was a man that i did not know. He told me his name was Henry Taylor. I did not know a man called Henry Taylor, but i thought there was a woman who lived across the road when i was young called Elsie Taylor, and i wondered if he was somehow related to her.

Henry stood and talked to me a lot and he was consistently talking about voices and being a voice. We were in the living room, and there were book shelves in the living room. He next handed me a book, and the author of the book was a person called William. I didn't see the second name. The book was a hard cover, and was green.

Next, there was a group of young people around him, and they were talking with him. They were telling him he was wrong, and I said no, he is right. I then said to him that he was going to serve his enemies. The group of people again, said this was wrong and was not true. I then said, it is true. It will be like Daniel serving in Babylon, and serving a heathen king.

I then said to Henry that since he was talking about voices, he needed to read and understand where voices come from. I told him about the Book of Revelation and how "thunders, lightnings, and Voices" come from the throne of God.

Dream end. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.