witchcraft tactics?

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witchcraft tactics?

Post by kingnme »

i dreamt

that i happen to come upon my hubby feeding a bearded dragon (iguana ?)

feeding it little morsels of crackers/cookies nibbly dibblies i dont know....but he was feeding it with NO QUALMS !!

and i was telling him to LET THAT GO !!! get it out of here !!!

and THEN I wheeled around and walked up to this lower cabinet ...

i opened it and there were these "happy meal type" boxes

WITH THOUSANDS of squirmy... wormy.... bright green of wut looked liked.... frog tadpoles ??? ...

oh my gosh it was over whelming ... THOUSANDS of them....

because they were trying to climb OUT of the boxes

i didnt want them to get into the cabinet and make our house a home i was trying sooo hard to prevent that from happening

i took the boxes went to the door and BEGAN TO THROW (it seemed like more than 5 boxes packed with THOUSANDS )

but threw... BOX... AFTER... BOX ... one by one RIGHT INTO the front yard

THEN i came back with my hubby STILL feeding that bearded dragon urging him to throw it out ....he finally DID !!!!

and when he flung it out the door ..he cast it outwardly .... it went flying ..

and caught onto the lower branches of a tree thats out in the front yard

...lo and behold ... and because of that ...the giant lizard began to wimper and cry???

...sooo strange im watching all of this with own eyes ...its just wimpering and crying ??

first of all wut was soo shocking about this dream is ...

IRL my hubby is from the islands.... as a child HE HAS always hated lizards ...their yard lizards are BIGGER than our yard lizards LoL!
he said at night they make these annoying call out sounds

...it kept him up and he hated how they wud enter the house

...hide under things etc ...so for me to dream that he was feeding it ...total disaster

is this a warning ?? thanks!!
Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? micah 4:9
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Re: witchcraft tactics?

Post by bjcollin »


Great dream. Symbolically speaking, lizards and frogs (tadpoles are baby frogs) are both negative symbols in dreams. Also dragons are demons.

Frogs - Revelation 16:13-14 unclean spirits demons, Exodus 8:1-15 & Psalm 78:45 Plague of Frogs against Egypt. Psalm 105:30 they swarmed everywhere even in the kings chambers.

Lizard - Leviticus 11:29-31 unclean animal, do not eat and do not touch when dead. Proverbs 30:28 they are everywhere even in kings palaces.

So to me in your dream, it looks like you are in the process of trying to get yourself clean (spiritually a good thing) and you are trying to git rid of these unclean spirits before they start to swarm on you and you successfully throw them outside the house.

As for your husband feeding the bigger lizard, I feel that could represent a type of generational spirit or a territorial/native spirit (island heritage) that is still attacking him (and also you by association as he is your family head spiritually) and it would need deliverance to remove. Also good in the dream that he finally does throw it out. The spirit cries because it wants to be given attention to get you to feel sorry for it to be let back in.

If you feel that this is a waring dream then it might be warning you that the enemy is gaining ground and you need to act to remove him from your lives. I think that this might be more of a spiritual warfare training dream showing you what is going on in the spiritual realm when you are trying to get spiritually clean and delivered in your life. Hope this helps you get started on the dream.

in Christ,
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Re: witchcraft tactics?

Post by kingnme »

whewww !! just thinking of the whole interp. .... what a breathe of fresh air !!!

you know ...just to share this

i was sharing with my baby son ...how sheep DO NOTT like mud .... :( :(

mud makes them TOTALLY defenseless (as they ALREADY are vulnerable without their shepherd as it is)

mud is heavy ...it gets into their wool making it even HEAVIER!!!

they would immediatly cry out to their shepherd for help!!

hmph! thats why they MUST drink by STILL waters ....rough waters ....dredges up ... MUDD!!

mud to a sheep ...is like our CONViCTiON of a sinful act.... we as sheep feel the heaviness or "muddiness" of our trespasses or a sinful act etc

I went on to say

now PiGS !!!? ..they LOVVE mud .... :s0: ................

it keeps "their flesh" nice and coooooL 8) ....you know?? people can be like those Pigs....

when the S-O-N is up .........the anointing is HOT! ...pigs will reach for "the comfort" of sin to cool their flesh ...

so to avoid the heat of THE SON they QUICKLY jump into that messy mud hole ...

thank you BJ
Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? micah 4:9