Dreams and visions to be interpreted
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I was resting . I saw an Asian woman that had a white face her hair was up in bun she had a painted face. She had two swords behind her back that was crossed. She had a white shirt and red samurai high waisted pants on . There was like a spot light shining on her. Then I was looking in the dark At first there was nothing there but then I looked again that’s a no there’s a dragon there and when I said that there was a dragon and it scales was black and some had red hairs on them. Then the woman pulled out the two swords and Begin to use to Swartz and different kinds of combat styles. The woman had ninja moves as well as samurai moves. I was standing there but I feel like that woman represents me in a way I just need to know the interpretation
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I going to stretch a little bit, I have watched Japanese anime and other Asian films (Japanese/Chinese/Korean) over the years, but most of this dream on Asian themed symbology is new to me in dreams/visions I must admit... The white faced was used culturally to make prominent facial expressions more clearly visible even in lower candle light only situations, it was mainly used in theatre or ceremonial situations and not used for actual combat warriors. So to me this represents a role that is being played. The spotlight or highlighting reinforces this idea of a role being played. The dragon represents the enemy that is hiding and lurking in the dark. The enemy is often represented by the colors black/red. Different types of combat styles would represent different types of approaches to spiritual warfare against the enemy. Ninja were assassins and used different tactics from samurai which fought up front honorably. Spiritual warfare requires both types of those skills when facing the enemy.

So what makes you say that the woman shown in the dream/vision represents you? Has the Lord been taking you through a time of training on Spiritual Warfare lately?

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