Cat Turns Into a Baby / Father n Law & Documents

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Cat Turns Into a Baby / Father n Law & Documents

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Hello All

I was laying on my bed and there was a little cat lying on the floor in my room near my husband's closet. It was stretched out with its butt towards me. I told it to go and it wouldn’t. The cat seemed to get something from the floor (some kind of hard paper) caught in its throat. It kept opening its mouth coughing and gagging to get it out. I was trying to help get it out.

Now the cat turned into a baby. I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror while holding the baby and kissing it. I was thinking is this my husband's child I’m loving on like this?

Scene Changes:
I'm in a cafeteria eating food with my daughter, husband, and father n law (my husband's father).

Scene Changes:
Me, my daughter, husband, and Father n law are in a library. We had these forms or documents that needed to be signed or authorized by a notary I think. People were waiting in line to have their papers authorized or notarized too. People were complaining that it was taking so long and there should be more people who can sign or authorize these documents. EOD