Dragon out of water

Dreams and visions to be interpreted
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Dragon out of water

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In this dream, i was inside a building. Seeing through a window from this building, a could clearly see some kind of formation out of waters. When i looked intensely, It was a dragon (like dinasour) was forming out of water, like crystal (no solid body of any animal, purely liquid). It started moving. I was telling the people inside the building, who were there of what i saw. But it did not catch their attention in any way. Eventually, i was just howering about in the air and was just above the building and but now the colour of this dragon has turn black! it was huge. The form was like water droplet. End.

Any Insight. Blessings!
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Re: Dragon out of water

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The dragon is a type for satan and the last days move of demonic activity. Water to the believer is often representative of the Word of God. Could this water forming a dragon speak of the word of the enemy? Demonic words and lies sent to deceive and oppress. Perhaps the dream is simply a warning of things to come or exposing something already at work. For your prayerful consideration.