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I thought of initially the word, "toil" that comes from the word toilet. The toilet was overflowing.

To toil: a laborious effort 2. a long fatiguing labor: drudgery 3. to proceed with great effort: plod

Indeed, it is a laborious effort to plunge an overflowing toilet!

And to plunge means: to cast oneself into or as if into water 2. To enter or cause to enter a state or course of action suddently or violently ( ~ into war ).

~Pearls of Wisdom


This is my interpretation of a toilet;Going to the bathroom is a form of purging or self cleansing. It is a very deep need in all people physically and when portrayed in the spiritual, reflects toxic feelings building from emotional turmoil that you have failed to deal with

Toilet: symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless.

Clogged toilet: keeping your feelings to yourself.

Overflowing toilet: fully express your emotions.

~mighty one

After much prayer and just plain ole talking to our Daddy on this one, i believe He showed me what it meant for me and maybe this will help someone....

Me coming into the bathroom was me feeling a need to repent or release a certain poison or toxin from my body (sin/evil). In my case I would come before God over and over at times with the same sins and I believe He was showing me what that guilt and shame and repeated coming to Him looked like. I kept pouring out my waste but never flushing!! It kept building up and building up. God wanted me to understand that His grace is a beautiful thing and that when I come before Him in TRUE REPENTANCE He removes my sin and washes me as white as snow. I think it can be a slap in the face to keep bringing it back up over and over and over again to the blood of His Son was not good enough or big enough to flush my bad and evil sins.


More than just the release of stress or 'waste', it could symbolize cleansing from unrighteous thought patterns which is the true form of repentance = changing one's mind about something.

What is it that you need to urinate out of your lifestyle/thought life? Confess it, change your mind about it, and be forgiven. That's a pretty big deal and more than a pity to miss.

~The Hedged Valley

I think sometimes when we dream we need to go to the bathroom and we can't find a clean toilet or whatever means that we can't let go or release something because we can't find anywhere to be able to do it. Sometimes we have to "hold it" because either we are looking in the wrong place to release it. We may be having to "hold it" ourselves because we are not releasing it to the Lord. Hope that helps.

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from graphite412

2 kings 10:27 and Deuteronomy 23:13-14

In kings the image of Baal and the house of Baal are turned into a latrine. In Deuteronomy God says to cover you waste by digging a hole lest God not come to the camp because of an unclean thing.

I believe that the toilet/bathroom/restroom can symbolize a defeated area of idolatry or an overflowing toilet can symbolize an uncleanness in our camp.
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Re: toilet

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Toilet--jokingly referred to as the throne in our home--but for the last few years, I've released things while sitting on them. One toilet, in particular, was in a higher realm that sat over a natural place. I also dream often of going into places, needing the toilet, going in search of one and normally finding them occupied or so filthy that I don't want to use it.

I also recall a very vivid dreaming of standing outside of a home that I knew was haunted or iow, occupied by a very evil demonic spirit. I walked into the house and went straight to the bathroom. I remember staring at the toilet and then suddenly I saw it bubble up like it was getting ready to overflow so I said sternly, "No!" The stuff inside went back down. It happened again, but this time the sludge came over the top and sides of the toilet. I said "no" again and it retreated back into the toilet. I watched and it happened a third time but this time, it went over the toilet and onto the floor. Again, I said "no" and I stood there and watched all that filth retract back into the toilet as if it had never been there. Then I walked out of the house.

So for me, over the last few years, toilets have come to represent seats of authority where things can be released from either side.
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