intimate relations

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intimate relations

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If you are having some dreams about having intimate relations and this is not an area of struggle for you this could be why.

You may have encountered these spirits on someone you encountered throughout your day and the Lord uses this kind of dream to cleanse you of what you've encountered. Not that you have any demons but spirits try to attach themselves to you by jumping... God's way of protecting us and purifying us for the next day.

Todd Bentley - Teaching on Dreams and Visions

Ves, I agree that is one possibility for what this type of dream can be about...... There is also the possibility of coming into agreement with the sort of spirit that is on that person.... I seem to have a lot of dreams about falling in love or being in love (not explicit type dreams but more romantic), and it's as if I'm single woman - could be about letting my affections flow out uncontrolled, not sure......

i tend to have thease dreams at times and it bothers me.
I think the TV may be a source for me. I try to be careful but i slip up and m ake to many compromises anyhow.

~Jewel Lilac
I do also believe that the enemy will try to throw dreams of temptation out there to try and get us to entertain thoughts and feelings that we shouldn't be having... If you feel this way, it's a sure thing it's not from God... For he is not a tempter.... If you look closely and you see an alternative route to the situation revolving around the dream... That's another confirmation that it's not God... He will always provide an out when we are tempted by the evil one...

We are to always test every spirit... Part of that testing is to know the character of God.


Based on my own experience w/dream interps, I would venture to say that it is rarely about adultery and the natural realm. Almost everyone who has a dream of this nature is embarrassed or at the very least, uncomfortable sharing it. Perhaps due to the intimate nature of the dream, we tend to personalize it (let flesh get in the way) instead of seeing it with our spiritual eyes as we do other dreams.

S_exual relations in a dream could represent spiritual adultery and indicate we have allowed someone/something to take first place in our lives...where the Lord should be. This might be personal and/or corporate. Corporately, I have seen it represent 'tradition' in the church. On a more personal level, I have seen it represent a job, a sport or hobby, a spouse or even one's own child...basically anything that might become an idol in one's life.

It could represent a covenant relationship in a positive or negative sense. It could be a warning certainly, but could actually be an encouragement depending, of course, on the context of the dream. All too often, we try to make a dream 'fit' with our personal circumstances/situations in the natural and fail to see the spiritual implications. Many times these type dreams are about our personal relationship with HIM...



I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning...
Ezekiel 3:17