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What do Trains, Train Tracks, and Tunnels
represent in a dream :?:
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often trains represent a church movement, or a time of training. Tracks are the direction of the move or a pre-laid foundation for the movement. And tunnels can represent a time of narrow vision where you really need to press into the Lord to see the end of the tunnel come soon.

in Christ,
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Hi Friend of God. Please pray over this as I have these same dreams. This is what it has meant in my life. A train is something that can carry a heavy burden. The track that it rides on, carries it where the track leads. It has no other choice. It cannot turn right or left. It must follow the track that lays ahead. A tunnel is a passage way that the train MUST pass through.

Looking back I can see that the Lord was telling me that I carried a heavy burden. My life. In order for me to grow in the Lord I had to go on a spiritual journey (the tracks,or path the God had laid down). The tunnel was the dark places in my life that had to be dealt with.

I must tell you that it is a difficult journey but you will come out a new person. Bless God!
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Re: Trains/Tracks/Tunnel

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Thank you for your response to this question. It absolutely fits what trains have symbolized for me.