Talitha reposting a thread

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Talitha reposting a thread

Post by shine »

Hey Talitha. . .
I dreamed last night (Friday July 3rd). . .that I logged on to the dreams site here, and the thread I noticed was yours:
Your wrote that you were bringing a thread up for our attention because some of us might not know it was there.

I clicked on it, and it was a lot of orange color. . .but I don't remember what the scene was. . .also it was like a movie. I only remembered it later irl when something I saw driving to work must've reminded me of it.

So my thoughts are that if you need confirmation for sharing some worthwhile past thread(s), now may be the time.
Or this may be confirmation for something you want to show in the area you live in now.

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Post by Lillian »

wow, that's different. In a good way.

I have been doing some pondering on some things and I happened on a thread about a year old that "discerning" just bumped up. And it brought tears on the inside.

Along the same lines.

Much love.
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Post by talitha »

Hmm, I don't think I posted this on here because it's a youtube video and some ppl can't watch them, but I immediately thought of it when I read this dream. It's something I emailed to a bunch of people. Maybe you are supposed to watch it / listen to it??

The Nature of God: Part 1, Graham Cooke

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Post by shine »

my mouth is just hanging wide open. This took my breath away & brought tears pouring. . .this video touched me on sooo many levels.
I'm soo glad that the screen moves slow I had to read so much of it twice through.
I am amazed how our God communicates to us!

Thanks Talitha this was such a blessing to me! I hope it will bless others as well it can!
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Post by shine »

I'd like to add testimony to this.
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Post by shine »


Have often wanted to come back on and talk about the revelation of this dream and response that Talitha gave.

The video that Graham Cooke produced talks about the happiest of people. That you are the happiest of people ~ you could not get any happier - when you know you are centered in the heart of the happiest person to ever live. Our Lord and Saviour.

This teaching by Graham Cooke completely spoke to my heart.
Mostly, it was God's way of giving me a better answer to peole that were questioning If I was happy. For months after my husband & I began our life together again, after a 1 1/2 yr separation, people would ask me if I was happy. I always responded that "happy" is not my goal. My goal is to be where God wants me to be. I don't just mean 1 or 2 people asked. . .it seemed everybody was asking, and repeatedly asking!
Finally, after this video, I was able to respond with Yes, I'm happy. . .and I would repeat something Graham Cooke had said - there are different varieties of how to answer from this video.
Yeah, people were finally satisfied.

Mostly, the way God cares about each of us, he was also showing me that I am truly happy - couldn't be any happier!

This is also, obviously, a testimony to this site. . .That God uses us each to help each other. Thanks to the people here that put so much love and time and attention to the matters that God sets before us.

Blessings to you all 8)
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Amber Allman
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Post by Amber Allman »

HEY TAL...is this the Tal who used to be on the ABC Fellowship site? I've been praying to find you and River...if so, please post!!!
This is PJ...pnnyshreve@yahoo.com
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Post by Jewels-inhisheart »

Happiness has many varieties.
' It has different colors and faces.
I think happiness is a form of contentment with peace and hope. I am " happy" in that i am more contented with what the Lord has provided,. I have a home that is paid for ( though its only a basemen. house) and some land to give us privacy ( for social butterfly's this would be misery)
I have enough to eat and some really nice clothes that express who i am a shower to bath misled in. , and a place to sleep that's warm and dry and safe.I have a swimming pool ( though a small one) a Internet for communications a TV for entertainment and plenty of art supplies to keep my hands busy.A loving and thoughtful husband who cant take me on vacations or buy me a beautiful house with all the bells and whistles many ladies my age like, made sure i had, I have been provided a phone and i-pod ( i need a new one now ) to keep the blues at bay as much as he can.
I dont have any but one friends in the usual sense of the world but i aces to people that are like minded. That fulfills my need of connectedness to others.
I have one social club i belong to. I dont work and rarely do i get involved with anything outside my family. This one outlet lets me show my art and be with laddies who share my hobby and also may give me opportunities to broaden my horizons eventually.
I have a good man for a husband. Its not" Romero and Juliet",,, but its solid and its happy in that i can depend on him... and rely on his strong shoulders for support.

To many this would be a miserable life but with perspective and a heart of gratitude one can see the limitations of ones life as safety zones... and what little they might have as a form of freedom and a way to integrate thankfulness into ones character.

Happiness to me, for now..,is' Contentment measured with gratitude for what one has,,, hope for the future and a deep inner peace with God , ones self and man. :mrgreen:
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Post by Jen »

Dear Amber, Talitha is no longer with us. I am unsure if she was a part of those groups or not. I am sorry I don't have that information to give you!

Isaiah 62:1
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Post by Shulamite Bride »

Okay, Jen. Thank you!
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Post by Nuachrest »

Thank you so much Shine for posting the link

I ended up on 'The Inheritance' link, and just weep.

So appropriate...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmzuPLBo ... re=related
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Post by dance-in-the-son »

Thank you for sharing...Graham Cook always puts things into words that encourage and edify...God is so good, He is faithful to do what He said He would do....

Bless you all...
You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.
You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy,
that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever!
Psalm 30:11-12