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Whew. Heavy stuff. Do you think that somehow, perhaps buried way down deep where your father cannot recognize it, that he might hold Jesus responsible for the death of his parents--or for not preventing their deaths? It seems that sometimes when we have suffered a deep loss or deep pain, we ultimately end up either blaming God, or questioning why God did not prevent it and protect us from the loss. If this is could be so for your father, perhaps this is something he needs prayers about. True, it was a long time ago, and yet he has suffered for most of his life because of the loss of his parents (whether conscious of it or not).

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It sounds like He may blame God for what happened to his parents.
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Victorious, Deep calling unto Deep, Wantingmore,Lily_Rose_Song, & Will. . .My apologies. You were all giving me great input in helping me figure out this dream and how it relates to my Father. Giving layers as God often does~thru others too!

I've come to the site a time or two since this thread started, but really got caught up into working too much. Hey - Deep calling unto deep saw that I needed to be more "Focused"! Thank you for that. And that is where I'm being drawn to in my personal life right now. I've cut back on the job I've had caring for an elderly lady - which is helping me regain my balance & my mind!

Just wanted to thank everyone again for all the input - that's part of what is wonderful about this site.

I haven't been home since I had this dream. . .I do talk to my Daddy on the phone at least 1 per month. We love each other dearly - I try to witness to him in how God is in my life each time. But for more direct conversations - with him - you just about have to be there in person ~~ Soon! the end of this month hopefully!

More prayer on these regards if any of you reading this are led!

Bless You!
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Very first thing that came to mind was" Sam I am" I thought of those Dc. Suess books.

The green eggs and ham story.

I remember as a child how in the pictures nothing really made sense ....It wasn't like the world we live in. But the story of green eggs and ham...the story line made sense....how do you know if you like or dislike if you haven't tried it.

Maybe this is about not giving up.

Please toss if this does not witness.

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my dad does not hold any animosity towards his father.
Ugggh, but maybe it is so far down.
I wonder if he holds animosity towards his heavenly father because of what happened with his natural biological father?

My mom died when I was two years old
and I will have to say that throughout my years of struggles, ups and downs (not to mention the four or five step moms I had)

I often wondered if this was all God's plan. Sometimes it felt like my biological mom abandoned me, then it felt like my first stepmom abandoned me, then...... you get my point, right?

Hope this helps!
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