Moving Car !!!

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king Rex

Moving Car !!!

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I dreamt that my wife and i were in an extremely fast moving car, being driven by someone i couldn't make him out. I felt comfortable and what seem to be exciting ride yet i noticed we were on the side of the road and not on the main broad tarred road but rather the bumpy side yet moving faster. And i mean faster !!! Then we passed what seem to be the tallest building in the area and i told my wife ours is gonna be taller than that.
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((chuckles)) dream like an entrepreneur too!

This dream seems to show that although you feel/are at a disadvantage (bumpy side road rather than main road) you are indeed going forward faster than one would normally expect. Tall building to me often symbolise the work of man's hands and power...not always of the good kind.

This dream speaks to me of ambition and determination to supersede and succeed.

What I cannot say is who is at your steering wheel...if you are a man after God's heart then i hope for your sake it is He who is driving you forward and not greed or selfish ambition. I am making no judgements...simply leaving you to consider the answers...I don't know you but it would be good to hear you share more of where you are at...the New Members Welcome board is good for that.

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