Obama and A city that is Half Light and Half Dark

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Obama and A city that is Half Light and Half Dark

Post by Newbie »

I had this dream a while ago and could not get insight on this.
Obama is standing in this neighborhood with his family and I am the only other person there. The neighborhood is bright and shiny; filled with light. However, it was looked like a split screen on TV, the rest of the neighborhood and city was filled with darkness. It appeared that everyone was on on this side was living life and taking care of buisness as usual. I went to side and it was like I was given a guided tour. Then I am back where Obama is at again. :?:
Thanks in advance for any insights.
God Bless
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Post by LadyinChrist »

Hi Newbie,

This dream although short, couldn't be more accurate at this time.

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Post by charlie »

HI Newbie...the truly wonderful thing about light is that it penetrates and scatters darkness.

The words which struck me in your dream regarding the state of the city were: 'business as usual'. Business as usual has to change in order for the light of the Kingdom to penetrate the darkness. I hope that as you stand alongside and pray and intercede for Obama in his next term of leadership that light indeed will penetrate the darkness.

[I don't know if you are from the USA yourself in fact but in any case interceeding for any country's leaders to do god in the land is good practise!]

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