Breathtaking Fall Colored Trees

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Breathtaking Fall Colored Trees

Post by TexasTransplant »

Dreamed my husband and I were driving to North or South Carolina. I was supposed to drop him off there quickly and come back home but he decided he wanted me to just stay with him instead. I wondered how we would get there and saw a map of the Gulf Coast and some of the eastern coast. A line appeared where we were to drive and went straight east and I thought, "Interstate 10". Then it started to curve north toward the Carolinas. This made sense to me although I also knew we could get there by going mostly north the whole time instead, but was fine with this east then north route. We arrived quickly and drove through the prettiest scene. We seemed to be going downhill over a small bridge or country road and drove under a beautiful canopy of fall colored trees. It was so beautiful that I gasped outloud.

Later while there, I picked up hubby's cell phone and the screen saver was a picture of me. I seemed younger and at some kind of party having a great time. I had a huge open-mouthed smile in this photo and I thought it was sweet for him to make me his screensaver :).

I often dream of random states or countries and they usually mean something significant, although I've never dreamed of the Carolinas. I have no real life connection to the area either. I dreamed of similar fall colored trees earlier this year but in that one, I was viewing them from an airplane. Also very beautiful.
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Post by jackiebauerle »

Your dream emphasizes a few things:

1. The plan in your life changed on you
2. Husband could represent God
3. Wondering how the change in your life will go.....He will make your path straight....and guide you on your path (East then North)
4. Number 10....completeness and perfect is the path you are directed lack of nothing.
5. This change in your life....will be scenic.....will bring joy and satisfaction
6. This path will have obstacles (downhill, bridges, county roads) that look more simple then you are use to, but you are under HIS covering.
7. Fall colors speak of Harvest season. May mean you experiencing the forces of the Harvest season yourself and the joy it will bring.
8. I don't know where you are at with the Lord....but it sounds like a renewed you and God's love expressed about you with the screensaver part.

May the Lord show you the Path he desires for you that is quicker and the most enjoyable one.