Road trip

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Road trip

Post by Grace »

Was visiting a family we know in Atlanta, GA. Was preparing to leave for road trip. The kids had picked up a stray cat and the people that owned the house didn't know it was there. I marveled at the fact the cat didn't make a mess anywhere.

Was on the road with a close friend. The car we were in was more like a go cart in that it was just bars, no doors. We were travelling from Atlanta and were heading to Indianapolis. Saw that a bad storm must have ripped through the area and clean up was taking place. Then we saw funnel clouds. My friend said, "Oh Oh, this is it. We kept driving. I remembered the stray cat was still in the home that we left. The family wasn't home at the time we left and the cat was forgotten. It was niggling in the back of my mind.

Suddenly we were driving into an office, down a stairs (only can be done in dreams. I seem to do that often: offices, houses, apartment buildings, hospitals etc. Just drive through the halls etc.) A woman greeted me and seemed to know me, she was vaguely familiar. I don't remember anything else that may have happened.

The funny thing is although I have been to the USA several times. I have never driven around these places.

Anyone else drives through buildings?
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Post by jackiebauerle »

Just few thoughts on your dream.

I don't get from your post whether the family you know in GA is the same family of your close friend. Are they one and the same or different?

The first part of the dream which includes the cat speaks of the following:

1. Something is present that doesn't belong there (Stray Cat)
2. You Marveled that the family or Adults have not noticed
3. You and your friend are in a volunderable Vehicle and opened to potential harm or end of life which could mean relationship too
4. You have been in this place before with the clean up or after math area
5. You see potential (clouds) again, you keep going on with life or relationship.
6. In the back of your mind when facing potential harm...the cat...the something that is present in the home in GA without their knowledge of the adults.

The rest of the dream I think is another way of emphasizing some of the same points.
1. office speaks of professional...those who should be aware. A higher level of skills.
2. Down stairs.....speaks of going to the roots or
3. Lady that seem familiar

I am wondering if you are picking something up in someone else's life that is close to you. You maynot be able to identify it fully, but something seems familiar about it and you are concerned about it. Due to the feelings of volunderablity, either you or of this someone close to you after a previous storm..or aftermath clean up. I get that you are being careful with judgment in the matter.

I don't know if this helps, may the Lord provide you with his understanding for your growth. In Jesus Name. Amen.