in an upper room with children

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in an upper room with children

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in an upper room with children donated by office for a music room ...I am rocking a wooden box radio side to side

voice comes out of it saying... "baruch atah"

children were super excited, exclaiming... "The voice of The Lord"

then we heard music ...we all ran to find source ...we ran through halls until we found a room and entered to find a drummer playing
we asked his name he said... Andy

I told him we have a room too ...and opened cutain on the window to show him our window to our room ...the window had a beautiful sunset with pink and orange on it ...I noticed his room was on ground floor

I said... we don't want to bother you ...but we would like to stay and listen

he said... you choose we stayed
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You may find this link interesting: ... rayers.asp (Baruch atah)

This is a Blessing...and note it is to be done before sunset (your room has a sunset)

Check this one out also:

Your dream emphasis the following:

1. The source of all Blessings come down from God
2. In a higher room with children, the room was donated by music company. (Blessing from Music com)
3. Hear Music... ground floor. You want to stay and listen to the Music (music again....a source of blessing)
4. Your window displays sunset, pink and orange.

Orange: Praise, Warfare, Passion, power, fire, harvest season, fruitfulness, joy

Rose Pink: Messiah, glory, Rose of Sharon, the Father's heavenly care over the Lillies of the Field-His children,

Andy (Andrew) Meaning: a strong man, warrior
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:D wow! ...thanks jackiebauerle :D