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UHaul Trailer

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Had a bunch of random scenes so I'm not sure if separate dreams ... mostly need help with the UHaul one...thanks!

Was in a restaurant, friend Kurt was the manager or owner. A guy had brought him a box as payment or something, and I was telling him the guy was stalking me. Kurt kissed me on the forehead and I was a little uncomfortable with it because I was seeing someone. Then Abigail's dinner came, I asked her if she wanted cheese on her potatoes and she said yes. I wasn't eating.

Was following a UHaul trailer someone was pulling and there was a young man on a motorcycle that was hitched to the back of the trailer. We stopped and Phil F. was in the trailer. I helped put the motorcycle into the trailer and then asked Phil if he wanted to ride with me and he said yes. I moved some junk from the passenger's seat to the back seat. Phil had his wedding ring on and was saying something about it I can't remember.

Then I was on the coastline of Israel and noticing how truly narrow the land is. It seemed like there was a section that was man made, there was a cliff/bank. May have been after they divided the land into 2 states, etc.
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Here is what came to me for you to review.

The first dream Speaks of a familiar owner (I think is God). You accuse a man of Stalking (doing wrong to you) to the owner. The owner does not revenge or focus on the man, but the focus is still on you. He kisses you (showing love) without fixing the wrong. It was as if to you...for you to let it go. Note: you felt uncomfortable because you were seeing someone else (could be your strong argument is your other love or someone...just a thought)

Second dream....I feel is a continueance or growth of the first. Uhaul....moving....on from the first dream. Another familiar person, Phil (God ) with the Uhaul (moving) trailer. You are following Phil or God's moving vehicle. You help put the motorcycle in the trailer ...then you ask Phil....to ride with you. Notice, you had to move the junk from the front seat to the back to make room for him.

The third dream, speaks of Israel...(speaks of the church..which is you included)...Coastline...different perspective of church or your life...to narrow...(revelation)...It seemed to you that this section of perspective is man made.

Just a thought...God bless you with his healing and grace because he loves you so much!