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Chalk Board

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On some sort of campus with young people, and lots of light.

Then, in what looked like a really old church, lots of wood. This young woman was in some sort of ceremony, waiting in a little box/booth. Another young woman who was her friend came and put a wreath of some sort on her head, burst into tears and ran away. Apparently she had marked her for something bad. She had done it against her will. The men behind her grabbed her and carried her away.

In a house, female friend had come to see me. I was standing on a piece of furniture doing something with a chalk board surface attached to the wall. She said something and I replied, "So New York is off?" (like the plan has been called off), and so I was waiting to know if I should take the chalk board surface down.

I went into the other bedroom where she was, she had decorated it. She was upset/crying on the floor. I said she had been the one to offer to come visit me, she agreed. I got a little emotional and told her she was my best friend and was about to say something else and she said, "Be careful what you say."
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