Taking Care of a New Born baby Given to me to Raise.

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Taking Care of a New Born baby Given to me to Raise.

Post by steadyone »

Hello Beloveds Happy New Year!!

I had a dream this morning.


I had moved in with this women who I do not know IRL but I knew in her in the dream. It was an apartment that seemed to be set back in the 1800's. The apartment was big and spacious, and the women was not around much. When I had moved in someone gave me this new born baby to raise. I had put the baby in a room to rest. Then I realized a little while latter the baby had been in the room for a few days and I needed to check on it since it was now my responsibility. So I go in and the baby was crying and wet. So I changed the baby and realized I need to shop and get this baby some food and stuff. So I go my older roommate and ask her what she thinks I need to take care of this baby. She tells the things I need. So I have to go down to the lobby to get out of my apartment complex. When I have the baby next to my bosom these guys are driving by me recklessly on their motor bikes in the lobby and they knock me down with the baby.The baby and I were fine but a man came and helped lift me up off the floor and asked if I was okay. He apologized for what had just happened.I got up and went out to shop for the baby.
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Post by jackiebauerle »

I think this dreams gives insight as you how you view things that happen to you. Here is what I see; only you know if it fits.

Moving into apartment with this woman that is familar to you. In an apartment back into 1800, speaks of this has happened to you for a long time.

In this apartment, you are given someone elses problems or responsibility by people you get to know. Sometimes the problems you do not know how to handle them, but you still take on the responsibility....I think sometimes these responsibility become yours more out of fact that other do not deal with them (baby left in the room for days wet & crying).

You are a person who gives 100% when you take something on. You seek out council (friend) in order to provide care.

In the dream when you go down to the lobby, I feel that it implies you have tried to leave the or separate yourself from the apartment...or otherwords....not let people do this to you.

In the lobby, you are still carrying the burden next to your bosom or heart. The guys driving reclessly and knocking you down with the baby shows that you were not successful at putting an end to this. Matter of fact, it seemed even more uncomfortable for you.

The guy in the lobby represents the compassion that you are in need of. How nice it would be to just hear that someone cares for the you and the load that you carry.

Someone does care and sees that you are faithful to your friends and family. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and God apologyies for what hurts other cause you...it is not right. He is there to lift you up...he also knows that you are faithful to continue on the journey.

May the Lord Bless you and lift you up. May he increase as you decrease....for the labors are few.
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Post by steadyone »

Hello and thanks for your reply. However this does not comply to my spirit. I am not one to take on other peoples issues I believe that is the Lords job not mine. Thanks for trying.

Happy New Year!!
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Post by chrisy »

Funny... on 12/22/13, I dreamt that I had to take care of my cousin's "baby". The dream doubled... in the second dream I had to take care of my sister's "baby".

Please note, neither one nor the other has babies.

Very interesting, indeed.
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Post by silentqueen »

Hello steady one,

A newborn baby - a new project or new ministry.
A large spacious apartment - provision and some room to grow.

You accept the new project and you set it aside for a moment and then realize there are things which need to be done in order to keep it going. Like a new baby this project/ministry needs your attention or it won't survive. As this is new to you, you seek help from someone who assists you by providing what you need in the form of a list.

In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3

You go out to obtain what is needed and you encounter opposition. Someone or something will try to cause you to stumble. No worries because you recover from it quickly and then you are on you way with the project/ ministry in your hands because God is faithful. He is sending someone to help you when you do stumble to help you up. The whole time you are holding on to the baby. Amen! It's a sign of a good steward.

Just my thoughts. Toss what doesn't fit.

God bless!
If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you can ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. (John 15:7)

Thank you Lord for working things out for me!