Dio and siren

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Dio and siren

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saw mom in apt ...there was a fish tank ...tank suddenly had a hole broken out of it and fish came out and swam in the air like it was water

then guy i used mentor musically named Levi told me Dio lived in our area ...then I was telling woman Dio lives in area ...I said... "he does both" ..."you cant do both", I said ...meaning, being a Christian and sing about the existence of evil for entertainment purposes

then I lost a back tooth ...i washed it, then I put it back in

I also remembered woman asking me about a girl on the corner ...she asked did we go out ...I said we just hung out

at same corner I saw vehicle driving through streets i heard melody played on phone keypad that was coming through a loud speaker horn on top of vehicle like it was a siren ...it was going under an underpass and on to a bridge above river

saw number 7552 ...also heard same number when i woke ...then heard..."discreet" and "semantics"