Working at McDonald's and serving foood

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Working at McDonald's and serving foood

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Quick dream...I dreamed I was at Mcdonalds and wearing the McDonalds uniform. I went up to the counter and the lady behind the counter gave me a tray. On the tray was a wrapped burger and an order of fries. There was a number on the tray like you would typically get when ordering food.
The woman still told me which table recieved the burger and which table recieved the fries. When I turned around I could see numbers above each table. The burger was to go to table 7 i think and the fries to table 15.
There was a young boy and his mother at a table and I walked up to them and said "Burger" and place the burger in front of the boy. He snatched the fries off the tray and started eating them as well.
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Re: Working at McDonald's and serving foood

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Seems to be saying that you will encounter some real immaturity and lack of discipline that will make your job or task harder to complete. Could be preparation so that it doesn't catch you off guard and cause you to much damage by getting in the flesh.It seems to be a simple metaphor. Usually when I get these they refer to something that is gonna take place immediately. It may have already happened, or perhaps in the next day or so.

Hope this helps