Are dreams from God instructional?

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Are dreams from God instructional?

Post by Joshua116 »

I recently had a gentleman on another board tell me he was praying about some of MY dreams to see if they were from the Lord and he said he saw an 'X' mark, meaning no.

He asked twice and saw that twice.

He then went on to say dreams from God are ALWAYS instructional.

Instructional meaning something needs to be done by the dreamer to make or avoid an event to come to pass.

The guy said dreams from the Lord do not have "special knowledge".

However, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that was NOT instructional, just revealing about future empires.
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Re: Are dreams from God instructional?

Post by lizzy »

There are all kinds of dreams...and not all dreams are instructional. John Paul Jackson mentions 20 categories of dreams. Dreams from God are usually colorful like brilliantly colorful. You don't always remember colors but they will be full of light. There are also soulish dreams and demonic dreams etc. they usually dark. But you can learn something from all the dreams you have even if they are not from God. Warfare dreams are often dark...If God is letting you see demonic dreams then he wants you to see the enemy plans for you...and there is so much more to that.
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Re: Are dreams from God instructional?

Post by bjcollin »

exactly, not all dreams are instructional. We can get dreams that instruct us to do something, most often it is just to pray. Most times I find the dreams posted here in the group are mainly condition dreams indicating your current spiritual situation in life. Maybe the guy that gave you the advice was most often dealt with God through instructional dreams. At any rate, be open to all categories of dreams that the Lord has.

One of the main teachings that we put in the instructional part of this board has a teaching on this...
3 sources of dreams, self (soul), God, and the enemy. We need discernment to ignore the 90% soul and the enemies dreams, and to just focus on the God given dreams. For example, I will have 3-5 dreams a night, and most of them are unmemorable or are just fun dreams or are me working through the day's events type of dream. (aka soul dreams) I do not record these dreams down at all. When I dream makes an impression on me I know it is God speaking to me and I record those as soon as I can after waking so I don't loose them or forget the details of the dream. Hope this helps.

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