Clogged toilt in Women's bathroom

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Clogged toilt in Women's bathroom

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In this dream from this morning, I walked into a restaurant that apparently I owned. When I walked in, an employee approached me...A woman with light-colored hair. She put her face by my ear and whispered "Do you want me to tell you here?" I said "sure, what's up?" I saw people at tables seated so the woman was trying to be discreet She said "The Woman's bathroom is clogged" I knew it was my responsibility to repair the clog since I was the owner.
I went back to my shop and put on some light blue rubber gloves. I knew they needed a part as well for the toilet. When I went back to the restaurant, I told another female employee to take a bucket of water and pour it in the toilet so it would flush and then I would begin working on it. I never actually went into the ladies room at all.

Any Holy Ghost insight would be appreciated

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Re: Clogged toilt in Women's bathroom

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God has placed you in a position to serve and minister to others. You are responsible and discrete with issue the holy Spirit has revealed to you. Pray the water of the Word cleanses or removes an obstruction that may need repentance/ deliverance..Good news is God has given you revelation and protection in the matter.