Archived Dreams from 2017
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I dreamed that I was in the Marine Corps Reserves. I had spent time in the Marines, and then moved on to retire from the Army. I was working in the Operations section and someone in leadership was asking me questions. It was as if he were vetting me. He said I sounded as if I were making excuses or somehow dragging my feet.

A perfect pilot tossed me a G-suit. I remember being in the backseat of his aircraft. He accelerated almost vertical and then I saw the ground below as he rolled the aircraft over to dive. I was afraid and I could feel my guts get tense but I kept my eyes open because I didn't want to miss the sights and the feelings. It was awesome.

Next, I was in what I believe was a school or perhaps college for acting. All of my clothes went missing and after checking the walls and all of the closets, the instructor took me to a place he knew where they might replace my clothing so that I could continue.