Cleaned up for a friend ***graphic**

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Cleaned up for a friend ***graphic**

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****disclaimer graphic************

I went to visit a close friend of mine. For some reason she lived inside a casino so I went into the elevator. A woman went inside with me. The elevator was shaking, the woman calmed me down. My friend greeted me with open arms as she always does, very warm and kind. I asked if I could use her bathroom.

The bathroom was very gross. There was menstrual blood everywhere on the toilet and floor,a sanitary napkin, dirty clothes and underwear on the floor. I found a towel and cleaned everything for her so that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. I knew that if she knew what I saw she would be humiliated.

I came out of the bathroom as if nothing happened and stayed with her until it was time to pick up my child from school. End of dream

Would really appreciate an interpretation because this is weighing on my spirit.