4 Alarm clocks & Can't raise the alarm

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4 Alarm clocks & Can't raise the alarm

Post by connie »

Blessings in His Name,

It's been so long since I posted a dream. I would so appreciate any spirit led insight into the following:

Scene 1: I awoke and looked at my bedside clock. It read 6 am. It was still dark outside. My usual time to awake is 6:30 & I may fallen asleep again. Next, I heard an alarm clock sounding and I shut off the alarm. Then I heard another alarm & looked around my bedroom. It was across from the foot of my bed. I pulled it toward me & shut it off. Then I heard another & looked to my right & shut it off. Those other 2 clocks looked old. 1 was covered with rust & the other a dusty brown- both electric but the styles/models were bulky appearing to be from the 70s through 90s- out dated. I heard a third alarm clock sounding. It was far across the bed room. I reached out and pulled it to me & shut it off. I think it was also brown. All 3 alarm clocks displayed 6:30. I was moving quickly to shut off the alarms because I didn't want to disturb the rest of the household & the neighbors. I was sitting up in bed with the 3 'extra' alarm clocks gathered together in my lap. In total, there were 4 alarm clocks in my bedroom.

Scene 2:
I entered a hospital room to visit a sick lady: someone with whom I had an intimate 'family-like (?)' connection. Her reported illness or condition wasn’t a life or death situation. There were 3 female family members in the room when I arrived; 2 were children aged 9-12. They were all relaxed. The children were sitting on the window ledge and the adult female seated at a desk in the corner of the room.

I walked over to the bed to greet the patient. The lady resembled a former work colleague & did not bear any of the family traits. She was asleep so I inquired about her health status to the others. They were at peace and so I was at peace. They chatted with me for a few minutes. I glanced back at the lady and something about her stillness or color alarmed me: either her breathing stopped or her color changed slightly – turned pale and ashen. I wasn’t certain though because her natural skin color was very pale and so I peered closer. She wasn’t breathing! I was stunned into stillness for a few seconds.

Then I sprang into action, searching around her bed for the ‘call/panic’ button. I pushed buttons on various lines but none were the ‘call’ button. It felt like I was taking too long in the midst of the urgent situation. The others sat motionless in shock. The thought dropped into my mind “why aren’t any of them trying to attend to her. They’re all medically trained. Their whole family line is medically trained.” I told the adult female, “Find the call button and push it!” She then began to scramble, searching around the outlets and desk top. There was no phone. I thought "How is this happening in a hospital?"

I thought “Where is Eileen? Is she on duty?” (my aunt, the family medical expert) . The other 3 continued silently, frantically searching for the ‘call button’. No one spoke out loud or verbally called out for help.

I looked at the lady and her skin was mottled, ashen gray and blue. The blanket was not covering her legs from the knee down. I reached out and put my hand on her shin. Her skin was cold & felt like death. I knew she was beyond medical resuscitation.

I awoke with the image of my hand on that dead leg but with the memory of the ringing alarm clocks foremost in my mind.

I would appreciate any assistance with piecing together the above.

Thank you

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Re: 4 Alarm clocks & Can't raise the alarm

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In scene 1 there were four alarm clocks that were being shut off. In scene 2 there were four female people, one of which was dying. There is an urgency about something God is trying to draw your attention to and it may be a life or death situation. It may not be specifically about family but may have a strong impact on family.

Hope this helps
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Re: 4 Alarm clocks & Can't raise the alarm

Post by lizzy »

1 scene: It's a warning dream. Six is humanity, flesh, works. Then you move to 30. It's the right time to move on, to wake up from spiritual slumber...old, rusty clocks suggest past issues. Brown means death. You need to deal with your past maybe. 4 means rule, dominion, creative works but it could mean flesh also...It's like God is trying to wake you up to your destiny...I don't know but shutting off alarms could mean like you are shutting off God's voice speaking to you. Family and neighbors in this context could mean other Christians (in your church?) Is this ring any bells?
2 scene: Hospital usually means church. You see someone dying spiritually (getting cold) and other Christians don't react. Dead legs mean no strength, no support, non existent walk with God. No call button and no calling out for help means no prayer life, no communication with God in the church. Eileen means light. So, no light in the church, no vision, people are spiritually dying. You are the one to raise the alarm. Time to step into your destiny and raise the alarm.