Praying for dreams and visions - good or bad

Questions about dreams and symbols
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Praying for dreams and visions - good or bad

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Hello there!

I have been wondering lately if it is ok to pray for God to give you a dream or a vision. I am not talking about a generic prayer asking God to gift you with dreams or visions, but rather "Lord can you speak to me through my dreams tonight". I never prayed for dreams but the Lord brought them to me over the years since I was a child. At one point I did pray God can you help me to "taste, smell, see, touch and feel" in the spirit realm. Not long after this prayer I began having visions. I tested the visions at the begining, not fully undestanding my experiences and God confirmed several times. I would see something in the spirit for example and a minute later my pastor or the guest speaker would begin describing exactly what God had just showed me. I would say I have more visions than dreams, so I usual consider the dreams quite significant when they happen. I have in the past on 2 occasions ask God to give me dreams and I noticed I had what seemed to be fearful dreams which seemed more like they may be from satan that God. Hence my questioning this. Is it Biblically sound to ask God to speak to you in a dream or vision or should we just let God decide how and when He wants to use these methods to speak to us ?

I heard a teaching once from a respected minister who had frequent prophetic visions and she warned against asking for them saying a wrong spirit could come in and influence. She also taught on testing the spirit of your dreams saying you could have a dream of Jesus and if you ask "Did Jesus come in the flesh?" during your dream and Jesus turned into a demon revealed satan coming as an angel of light.

The reason I am asking is also because I am now in a prophetic church and they often pray that God may speak to me in dreams and visions and I've noticed it doesn't happen according to their prayers, but more rather when I'm seeking God for an answer to something and not asking for Him to speak to me through a dream or vision.

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Re: Praying for dreams and visions - good or bad

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Hi there,

The Bible encourages us to ask (Matthews 7:7 ask and it is shall be given to you) as long as we are not asking with wrong motives.
We do have to be careful not to put a limit on how God chooses to speak to us. We can get so caught up in one way that we miss him speaking to us in other ways.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Praying for dreams and visions - good or bad

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In agreement w lynadvs in that we should be open to the many ways He speaks.

As I've matured in my walk, I've learned to think of dreams and visions as well as new, challenging thoughts as a continuation of our daily conversations.
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