Distinguishing God given vs satan driven

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Distinguishing God given vs satan driven

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I am wondering how you can identify if a dream or a vision is of the devil instead of God. For example, I once prayed to God about a very important decision I had to make in my life and remembered that God would speak to me in visions during our worship time at church. It seemed my spirit was more open during worship. So, I prayed that morning and asked God if it was His will and it pleased Him to do so (not being sure if this was a proper prayer) if He could speak to me during the worship that Sunday morning at church and perhaps through a vision. He had once spoken to me about someone else in a similar fashion on a similar subject.

I then had a vision during worship that Sunday morning at church which is very significant and need to be sure if it was from God or not. Of course, I am asking God to speak to me through other means, however in order to confirm it, but to be honest I have never known any of my visions to be inaccurate.

I am concerned about dealing with the spirit realm and how to avoid wrong evil spirit influence. I know satan can counterfeit, so can he influence or counterfeit to deceive us through a dream or vision not from God that may appear from God ?

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Re: Distinguishing God given vs satan driven

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It seems to me that if you are specifically asking God for something in faith and it happens at the time you asked for it, my guess is that it was from Him. The Bible says we have not because we ask not. I don't think this means we will receive everything we ask for like when we are praying with selfish motives. Also we need to ask without doubting.
James 4:2-3
1 John 5:15

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